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The Mini Stability Ball

Lightweight and portable the Mini Stability Ball™ is a major addition to your training toolbox.

It’s not always necessary to spend a lot of money when looking for equipment to augment your training business. Sometimes, the old adage is true – good things do come in smaller packages. The 10 and 12-inch Mini Stability Balls are a perfect example. Being slightly larger than our 7-inch Mini Stability Ball makes this accessory more supportive, but can also provide increased challenge when used as a balance or proprioceptive tool.

By placing the Mini Stability Ball under the upper back, ab work becomes even more intense as the spine can be taken into extension before returning to flexion as in a traditional sit-up or crunch. Follow the same principle when the ball is positioned under the ribcage in side-lying positions to increase the challenge to the obliques.

The ball can be also placed under the sacrum when doing exercises in a supine position. By doing so, you’ll have an unstable base of support that will activate the deep support muscles of the torso, effectively conditioning the core. By combining this exercise with some legwork that includes unilateral or reciprocal movement, you’ll achieve a full-body workout with one simple accessory.

As always, the Mini Stability Ball is perfect to help maintain alignment and activation of the adductors of the inner thighs when it is placed between the knees, ankles or feet. Shoulder and scapular stability can also be targeted when the ball is held or manipulated with the hands.

Add the Mini Stability Ball to your workout with one of our two new DVDs. ZEN●GA FLOW™ with the Mini Stability Ball and Mini Stability Ball- Focus On Breathing & Muscular Release or add our Power Pack, that includes the Mini Stability Ball, Mini Stability Ball Workout DVD and bonus Easy Start Poster.

Use the Air Balance Ball in place of Mini Stability Ball™ and enjoy the added benefit of gentle massage.

Our Retail Sales Team can help you pick the right light equipment and DVDs for your home gym or studio. Get in touch with us via email at retail@merrithew.com or by phone at 1‑800‑910‑0001 x 250 (North America) or 1‑416‑482‑4050 x 250 (International.)

Large Massage Ball (Red)
Large Massage Ball (Red)
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Small Massage Ball - 2 Pack (Red)
Small Massage Ball - 2 Pack (Red)
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