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Strength Tubing Core

Take your resistance training on the road this summer without added bulk or heaviness! This uniquely designed Strength Tubing is a lightweight, portable tool that provides an endless array of exercises that target the upper-body, the lower-body and the core.

We sweat the small stuff when developing this flexible resistance accessory – available in three different strengths, the Strength Tubing Core features padded handles for a comfortable, non-slip grip and fabric covering on the tube to provide a gentler experience for the feet when standing on the tube to control the level of intensity. Try this move that works both the upper- and lower-body:

Lunge with Punches

Start: Stand with legs adducted, elbows flexed by sides and, palms facing in, holding onto the end of the tubing.

Inhale: Prepare.

Exhale: Step forward on a diagonal angle into a lunge position while simultaneously extending the same arm/elbow on high diagonal, allowing the palm to rotate forward.

Inhale: Bring the feet together and flex the elbow back to start position.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Strength Tubing
Strength Tubing - Light (Purple)
Strength Tubing - Light (Purple)
Stock#: ST06118
$16.99 (USD)
$12.75 (USD)
Strength Tubing - regular (Red)
Strength Tubing - regular (Red)
Stock#: ST06119
$18.99 (USD)
$14.25 (USD)
Strength Tubing - Extra (Blue)
Strength Tubing - Extra (Blue)
Stock#: ST06120
$19.99 (USD)
$15.00 (USD)