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Q. I’m purchasing a Reformer, what should I consider to ensure I select the right one?    

A. Choosing a Reformer can be an overwhelming task with many factors to consider. We suggest looking at three important variables: the Reformer’s height, carriage length and whether or not to include a vertical frame. Let’s examine each of these variables in the three Reformer options Merrithew™ offers: SPX, V2 Max and Rehab V2 Max.

Reformer Height

The SPX Reformer sits 9” off the floor. Due to its narrower width and lighter weight, it’s a great choice for a small space or a gym setting. Its light weight makes it easily portable and without the vertical frame attached, these can be stacked. Clients tend to feel more comfortable standing on this particular Reformer as its low to the ground. Keep in mind that for individuals with knee or hip issues it can be difficult for people to get down on. 

The V2 Max Reformer sits 16” off the floor, making it easier to get on from a standing position. The carriage is 2” wider and 17 lbs heavier than the SPX Reformer, so this height may feel more comfortable for broader clients though it’s heavier to move. 

The Rehab Reformer sits 22” off the floor so it is the ideal height for clients with hip and knee issues. This rehab-specific Reformer is 57 lbs heavier than the SPX model so it is less likely to be moved. All Reformer programming can be done on each of these Reformers but the higher the Reformer, the easier it is to accommodate hip, knee and lumbar issues.

Length of Carriage

An extended carriage can be custom made for all three varieties of Reformers. This is a worthwhile upgrade if you are working, regularly with people who are taller than 6 feet or have longer torsos.

SPX Plus/V2 Max Plus vs Stand Alone Reformer:

The benefit of having the vertical frame attached to the end of any of these Reformers is the additional programming available for your clients. Eighty percent of the Cadillac course content can be taught with the addition of the vertical frame. Private sessions become much more interesting & effective having the option to offer a variety of Mat, Reformer and Cadillac programming on one machine. Having the frame attached is also beneficial for small spaces or for those that don’t have space for a full Cadillac.

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For more questions about equipment selection, email our Commercial Sales Team at equipment@merrithew.com

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Sarah Jarvis

Sarah Jarvis

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer