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An effective Pilates routine has the ability to strengthen the mind and body. Customizing your workouts to suit individual client needs is made easier with the full range of Barrels from Merrithew™. Used to align and mobilize the spine, improve posture and develop balance and control, Barrels can increase or decrease the challenge of exercises or can assist when working with Rehab clients.

The Ladder Barrel uses gravity to maximize your body’s potential for core strength, flexibility and mobility. The six secure ladder rungs, for hand or foot anchoring, facilitate varying degrees of strength and flexibility.  The added width of the top wooden rung provides a wider grip for the hands for a more open shoulder position and broader shoulders. The movable raised barrel is adjustable to vary the distance between the ladder and padded curved surface to accommodate different torso and leg lengths. 

The Ladder Barrel provides feedback and support when flexing and extending the spine over the barrel, assisting in even articulation of the spine. The wide depth of the barrel nicely fits the contours of the spine when moving into full spinal extension from a seated position.  Where knee and hip issues prevent a client from doing lateral flexion exercises on the mat or spine corrector, the Ladder Barrel provides a nice alternative, allowing the client to keep the hips extended and knees straight. The superior quality and design of the Ladder Barrel will provide many challenging full-body exercises across all planes of movement for users of all fitness levels and backgrounds.

On the mat, Arc Barrels can be used for a variety of different purposes. When supine, placing the feet on top of the apex of the Barrel when performing articulation of the spine, enables easier articulation through the lumbar spine.  This is great for clients with a flat lumbar or lordosis. The Arc Barrel can also be used to provide more support to clients who have sensitive wrists. By placing the hands forward of the apex when performing a push-up or 4 point kneeling exercises, the wrists are in a more open position (less extension) which puts less pressure on the wrist joints.

While not a typical “Barrel”, the angled surface of the Pilates Edge is ideal for positioning the body in a range of increasing height to add strength and stability to the torso, arms and legs. The Edge can be used alone or use the integrated rings to attach resistance equipment, including bands and tubing.

Rounding out our line of Barrels, we have the Spine Corrector and Spine Supporter. Ideal for reducing neck tension, while stabilizing the spine for exercises performed on a Mat and other equipment, the Spine Supporter is used frequently for clients with weak lower backs, to modify exercises during pregnancy and to develop proper form for abdominal work. The Spine Corrector can be used to perform exercises lengthening and strengthening the torso, shoulders, back and legs.

For programming ideas, see the complete line of Barrels in action on the Complete Barrel Repertoire DVD. For questions about studio layout, equipment selection and financing, email our Commercial Sales Team at equipment@merrithew.com