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Q. How do the Specialty Tracks benefit me as a fitness trainer?

A. As a fitness professional, it is common to train a wide variety of clients and so it is necessary to broaden your skill set, concentrating on specific needs of the client e.g. pre/post-natal workout, golf drills etc. Our Specialty Tracks allow you to focus and streamline your education so you can concentrate your training to a certain market, keeping in mind their individual interests and goals.  Expanding your expertise outside of traditional training methods also makes you a more marketable trainer.

 Here are just a few of the many benefits for getting involved in our Specialty Tracks

  • Focus your training in the field of your choice
  • Develop specialty programming for your clientele
  • Learn modifications to address individual requirements
  • Receive cueing tips for specialty customers
  • Discover the specific needs of unique groups
  • Address the anatomy and biomechanical necessities in each case
  • Service special populations in your community
  • Understand how market segments differ from one another


Gina Gonsalves 

Education Sales Advisor   

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