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Q: Why is it so important to choose the proper mat?

A. The exercise mat that you use is based on the activity you are performing.

  • Yoga mats are typically thinner for people to feel a strong connection to the ground during each pose while Pilates mats need to be thicker for cushioning the spine. One should not only consider the thickness but also the material used to design the mat. Yoga requires some stickiness to keep the hands or feet anchored to hold the pose and to balance well.
  • In Pilates, many exercises need to have a smooth surface for sliding movements (with the feet) as well as grip to prevent slipping.
  • For general athletic exercises, an exercise mat requires good grip to accommodate rapid sets and reps without the risk of the mat moving across the floor.

Another important factor when choosing a mat is portability. There are some studios that provide high-quality mats to use but many group fitness classes or yoga studios do not. If you need to bring your own mat, the weight, thickness, length and portability definitely matter.

Since there are so many different types of mats, it can become overwhelming to choose yours. Merrithew’ Mat Boutique makes the selection process easier with clear and informative articles and videos. World renowned Master Instructor Trainers PJ O’Clair, John Garey and other industry experts share which mat is their favourite and why – helping you get closer to the perfect mat-ch!.

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Rie Sakamoto

Rie Sakamoto

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer