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Strength Tubing™

When there’s no time to get to the gym, your workout routine doesn’t have to suffer. Lightweight and portable, Strength Tubing™ can pump up your Pilates Matwork or other floor-based routines. Ideal for beginners or experienced exercises, it can be used to strengthen your entire body. Choose the appropriate style and strength of tubing to target muscles in the shoulders, arms, upper back abs, and legs, while paying particular attention to form, stability and control.

Three types of tubing are available: Core, Cardio and Ankle, and each of these are available in three different resistances: light, regular and extra-strength. 

Strength Tubing- Core helps develop strength in the arms, legs, and core using flexible resistance in a variety of positions.

The Strength Tubing- Cardio version is ideal to dramatically increase strength to the upper and lower body as well as the torso. The progressive resistance increases the demand on working muscles, while the more flexible handles add to greater functionality and comfort.

Specifically useful for increased lower body sculpting and toning, Strength Tubing Ankle activates all lower-body muscle groups, and it’s made of TPR tubing for a greener environment.

Looking to add a challenge to your Matwork routine? Why not add one of our new DVD titles: Total Body Tone with Tubing: Upper Body & Core, Total Body Tone with Tubing, Lower Body & Core and Weight Loss Circuit Training with Props, Level 1.

Our Retail Sales Team can help you pick the right light equipment and DVDs for your home gym or studio. Get in touch with us via email at retail@merrithew.com or by phone at 1‑800‑910‑0001 x 250 (North America) or 1‑416‑482‑4050 x 250 (International.)

Strength Tubing - regular (Red)
Strength Tubing - regular (Red)
Stock#: ST06119
$18.99 (USD)
$14.25 (USD)
Strength Tubing - Extra (Blue)
Strength Tubing - Extra (Blue)
Stock#: ST06120
$19.99 (USD)
$15.00 (USD)
Ankle Tubing - Light (Orange)
Ankle Tubing - Light (Orange)
Stock#: ST06124
$14.99 (USD)
$11.25 (USD)
Ankle Tubing - Regular (Yellow)
Ankle Tubing - Regular (Yellow)
Stock#: ST06125
$15.99 (USD)
$12.00 (USD)
Ankle Tubing - Extra (Lime)
Ankle Tubing - Extra (Lime)
Stock#: ST06126
$16.99 (USD)
$12.75 (USD)