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Side Lunges

Focus: adductors, quadriceps, gluteus maximus & medius, adductors, ankle stabilizers, torso and scapula stabilizers

Along with being beneficial for strengthening the legs/hip, it is important to train our bodies in all planes to keep muscles balanced.  Lunges can be done to the front, diagonally, directly to the side and back.  Side to side lunges work us in the coronal plane which is really beneficial for strengthening the lateral hip muscles. These are important for proper gait maintenance, something we need to be concerned about as we age.

Start: Spine vertical, hip and knees flexed, feet wider than hips, legs turned out slightly, arms straight toward to the ceiling holding the 12” Mini Stability Ball in hands.

Tubing placed around thighs above the knees

Inhale: Prepare

Exhale: Keeping torso vertical and pelvis low in space, lunge side to side (natural inhale as you switch sides) 

Repeat 10 reps per side.

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