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Q. Why incorporate the vertical frame into your client’s workout?

A. Incorporating the vertical frame with springs into your client’s workouts adds variety and gives them a unilateral challenge.  Clients are challenged unilaterally through the arms and legs due to the nature of the spring set up.  During bilateral arm and leg exercises it’s easy to spot any imbalances in strength. As an instructor, a key component to programming an effective workout for our clients is to identify and correct any imbalances and not working only globally.  When doing arm and leg work with the feet or hands in the straps, if one spring is recoiling more then it’s easy to see and cue the client to press more into the limb that is weaker.  When using the roll down bar for arm work, it’s easy to see when the bar is not level so you can give your client the cue to press into the limb that is not working as hard. 

The vertical frame also gives you the flexibility to program standing, kneeling, and sitting (on a mat converter or stability ball) positions, which is very important for client comfort and proper strengthening. These different positions can also be used with the pulley system on the front of your vertical frame.  The Reformer exercises using the pulley system allow you to change the angle of where the tension is coming from, which can be more favourable for clients to engage & stabilize the right muscles, especially important with a moving carriage.

If you would like to add a Vertical Frame to your SPX Max®, V2 Max® or Rehab V2 Max® Reformer, please contact our equipment department. Depending on when your equipment was purchased, most of our Reformers can be retrofitted.

Sarah Jarvis, Program Coordinator, Education

Sarah Jarvis

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer

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