Warrior II – 1 spring

Target Muscles: gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, internal & external obliques, deltoids

Warrior II


Stand on carriage, one foot forward flat on Padded Platform Extender with toes curled under and pressed against Extender, other leg laterally rotated at the hip with outside edge of foot against the Vinyasa Triangle™, heel in line with the heel or arch of the forward foot, hips and spine will rotate toward back leg, so shoulders, ribs and hips are in one long line, arms extend out long to sides, palms down and shoulder height, gaze over forward arm.

With normal breathing, lunge back leg pressing carriage out and in with small range of motion to feel the spring tension, keeping the front knee against the Jumpboard (if require more stability), the body will go up and down with the lunge. 5-x