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Q. I have taken the STOTT PILATES® Mat and Reformer course and I am currently teaching right after taking the courses. My employer does not mandate that I get certified.  So if I am already earning an income teaching what is the advantages of taking the certification exam?

A. Being certified gives an Instructor the competitive advantage and skills to maintain a career long-term. Taking a course or courses is the first step in preparing for a Pilates career path. Preparation for the exam is when an Instructor really learns or masters the course material.  Those that have not taken the exam often do not use a large percentage of the exercises from the courses because they have forgotten them, due to the lack of making time to practice to really master each exercise and variations.  The STOTT PILATES certification exams, that includes a practical and written component, is important as it helps an Instructor prepare and get the most out of their courses due to the comprehensive nature of the exam. Many STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor after taking the exam quote “the time invested in preparing for the certification exam was really worth it, I now feel I am a Pilates Instructor and know how to utilize all the material from the courses including the variations for different clients needs.” In addition keep in mind, as Pilates continues to grow in popularity, participants to Pilates are starting to realize the difference when someone is certified or not.    

Although your current employer may not require certification, credible certification is becoming increasingly important to employers, insurance companies and consumers. In fact, experts agree that to ensure long-term sustainability and better service the public, the fitness industry will eventually need to make certification mandatory. STOTT PILATES Certification is well respected in the fitness industry because of our high education standards and our mission to stay on top of new research and industry advancements. Certified Pilates instructors continue to be the highest-paid of all types of fitness Instructors and the demand for qualified instructors surpass the number of available. 

Not to mention there are benefits STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors receive from Merrithew™ with our emPower program.

If you are STOTT PILATES trained in the Denver, NYC, or Toronto area preparing for your exam, volunteer to be test body for the practical.  For more information on the testing body contact educationadvisor@merrithew.com

For more information about certification process click here.

Carol TricocheCarol Tricoche 

Vice President, Education Sales 

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