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8 ways to save space in your studio

As we begin a new year, many health and fitness professionals are eager to tackle resolutions such as organizing and improving the space they work in to help expand their programming options, attract more clients or just enhance the overall look. Whether you practice at home, own a small and cozy studio or teach in a large facility, we have eight products you can add to your facility to save on space with maximum function.

Onyx SPX® Max Reformer

The all-black Onyx SPX® Max Reformer adds a sleek look to your studio, and it’s a great space saver because it can be stored vertically against a wall when you’re not using it—making it ideal for smaller studios. Plus, the bundle includes a High-Precision Gearbar, the Reformer’s longer ropes increase the range of motion and fluidity to exercises—allowing for more programming options.

Stability Barre

Another great piece of equipment that saves space is the Stability Barre. It’s designed to provide functional standing leg exercises that combine traditional ballet barre work with movement patterns that will tone, shape and strengthen the glutes, hips, thighs and calves. Popular among Yoga and Barre studios, it also provides a variety of programming options for a wider breadth of clientele such as helping active aging clients with their stability.

Spring Wall

Ideal for facilities with limited space, Spring Walls easily mount onto your studio’s wall and comes with eye hooks to attach the springs to. It’s another great piece of equipment that can expand your programming options for numerous clients ranging from athletes to rehabilitation clients, as the exercises on this wall-mounted unit can be done standing, kneeling, sitting, side-lying, supine or prone.

Stability Barrel

The Stability Barrel can support a variety of users depending on torso size, flexibility and exercise choice, making it a firm favorite among instructors and clients for aligning and mobilizing the spine. Made of wood with an Airex mat attached to the curved surface it provides padded support for the body in prone, supine or side-lying positions, while the base provides a flat platform with a durable padded surface that facilitates exercises focusing on balance and stability. Plus, it’s compact size makes for easy storage.

Halo® Trainer Plus 4

Easily add expand Stability Ball programming with a Halo® Trainer Plus 4 to incorporate strength training, flexibility and total-body conditioning. Great for group classes or one-on-one personal training, it’s versatility makes it great for building classes for every fitness level from beginners to athletes. Plus, its ergonomic handles and thick, durable rubber grips are easy on the wrists and ideal for special populations and occupational treatments.

Stability Ball Rack

This space-saving solution is great for fitness studios and gyms that offer larger classes as it holds up to 10 Stability Balls (ranging from 45–75 cm in diameter) in a safe, robust, tubular steel storage system. Plus, the Stability Ball Rack’s easy-access design makes setting up a classes a snap.

Medicine Ball Rack

The perfect, space-saving solution for fitness studios and gyms, this rack holds 10 medicine balls or Twist Balls™ in a safe, robust, tubular steel storage system. Stores balls weighing up to 22 lbs (10 kg) in an easy-access design that makes setting up a class a snap.

Mat Rack

A savvy storage solution for busy fitness studios, gyms and clubs, this stylish, easy-access mat rack keeps mats at the ready from one workout session to the next. Made with a solid steel frame, the mat rack holds 28–36 mats, depending on thickness, at a maximum weight capacity of 66 lbs (30 kg).