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New Year, New You: Mindfully Making Fitness Resolutions

We’ve all done it. Made a list of New Year’s resolutions, written them down with the confidence and energy of excited children, vowing that this year will not be like last year, that this will be the year that we accomplish everything on the list. And then it’s January 1, and you’re having trouble pulling yourself off the warm and comfy couch to go to a Pilates class, cook up a healthy dinner, go for a run, meditate or any of the goals you so enthusiastically set for yourself before the clock struck midnight the night before.

But while you’re surfing the Internet for articles on how to mindfully keep your New Year’s resolutions, (try this one at the Toronto Star for some great tips), it’s useful to think about how you make your resolutions. Mindfulness isn’t just about the action, it’s also about the intent.

When you scribbled down that you want to lose ten pounds in the New Year, were you conscious of your motivations? Was it because you want to be fit, or was it because you think you need to be thinner to be attractive? When you declared that you would go to Pilates class every day, was it because you truly wanted to improve your health, or was it so you could tell your friends and coworkers that you work out every day? Understanding what your intentions are for your goals can go a very long way in keeping them. As with many things in life, starting from a solid foundation is the best way to build a lasting structure.

So take a few long, deep breaths. Calm your mind, and take another look at your list. Why did you write what you wrote? What were your intentions? Mindfully choose goals that most fall in line with what you want for yourself, and for your life.

And then get off the couch.