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New and Improved: High-Precision Gearbars, Springs, Spring Balls and Leg Springs

We have made some updates and improvements to some of our key equipment pieces. We are pleased to introduce our new color-coded Reformer Spring Balls and Enhanced Leg Springs for Vertical Frames and Cadillacs, plus find out more about our High-Precision Gearbar!

High Precision Gearbar!

Purchasing a new Reformer? Upgrade to the High-Precision Gearbar and give yourself six Gearbar positions rather than the traditional three. Added settings provide greater precision and superior ergonomics when setting initial tension, or altering the tension for exercisers. A user-friendly adjustment mechanism makes it simpler for clients and Instructors to adjust tension on the go during Reformer sessions.

New Year, New Springs!

Replacing your Reformer Springs every two years will ensure the safety of you and your client, PLUS will ensure optimal performance of your equipment. Over time, well-used springs will lose some tension. Replacing your springs will dramatically improve performance. Your Reformer settings will feel more true to tension and secure, and your Reformer carriage will slide more smoothly and fluidly.

New Color-Coded Spring Balls!

The New Year is the best time to give your Reformer a facelift by simply adding a new set of Springs. New Reformers and Reformer Replacement Spring orders will ship with our new and improved color-coded Spring Balls. Instructors and clients alike love these new, durable color-coded spring balls that make Reformer settings a breeze for anyone.

Enhanced Leg Springs!

Our Enhanced Leg Springs are made exclusively for Merrithew™ equipment and now come standard on all Cadillacs, Max Plus™ Reformers, Vertical Frames and Wall Units and replacement spring sets for these products. They go the distance, expanding further and retracting smoothly, accommodating a wide range of clients of varying heights, including the taller population. Each is nickel-plated and heat-treated to protect the base material of the spring. This ensures the quality and integrity of its tension throughout its life. Sold as a pair, and includes 4 spring clips.