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Q: Exercise mats get a lot of usage – what’s the best way to clean them?

A:Whether you’re an avid exerciser or managing a fitness facility, chances are your exercise mats could use a little love and do with a good cleaning. The material of your mat will have an influence on how you clean it.

Mats made with a closed-cell foam, like our Deluxe Mat and Express Mat are moisture-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. If you prefer to avoid chemical disinfectants (which is a good idea as your skin comes in direct contact with the mat), create a natural cleaning solution: fill a spray bottle with water and add 20 – 30 drops of tea tree oil. Spray the mat and wipe dry with a cloth, letting it dry unrolled.  This is also a good method to use on mats made of PVC, like our Pilates & Yoga Mat.

Exercise mats made with microfiber and PER (polymer environmental resin) like our Hot Yoga Mat can be machine washed in cold water with a mild or diluted detergent. Wash the mat on its own and ideally in a mesh laundry bag. If you prefer to hand wash this type of mat, fill a tub with warm water and add approximately 200 ml of white vinegar. Mix well and let the mat soak for 20 – 30 minutes, then use a towel to absorb excess water and hang to dry. This method of cleaning also works well on the Hot Yoga Plus Mat.

When you’re perusing specific mats in our Mat Boutique, be sure to click on the ‘More Information’ tab for more detailed care and cleaning instructions!

Here are some other tips on caring for your exercise mat:

  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight. Many environmentally friendly mats, like the Eco-Deluxe Mat and the Eco-Friendly Mat, are made with TPE. Be sure to keep these types of mat out of direct sunlight as TPE can be susceptible to fading and drying out as a result of its eco-friendly composition!

  • Clean underneath your mat. This may not be a necessary step after every workout but keep in mind that your mat is touching the floor and that moisture and mildew can absorb into it. Be sure to give the underside a wipe down every few weeks.

  • Store your mat properly. Many individuals opt to roll their mat up but this prevents it from breathing properly. Ideally, your mat will be stored lying flat or to keep a high-area use tidy, consider investing in our Deluxe Mat with Grommets and its accompanying Mat Hanger to store mats neatly!
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Rie Sakamoto

Rie Sakamoto

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer