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An Interview with Lead Instructor Trainer, Sarah Jarvis

Why do you like the Halo® Trainer?

I like the Halo Trainer because it allows me to perfect an exercise with the perfect amount of stability.  I can change the stability very easily to add challenge but in a gradual way, which you can’t always do with fitness equipment.

What are the benefits of this piece of equipment?

It’s great to allow a person to build their strength gradually over time.  With the Halo Trainer I can keep the ball very stable in any position; seating, side lying, prone, and incline exercises.  You cannot do this with a regular Stability Ball™ due to its nature. 

The Halo Trainer can be used alone without the Stability Ball and works well to place the wrist in a good ergonomic position for push-ups and plank.  It is also very effective in working the muscles of the fingers and hand for grasping things.  This is really important as we age.

The Halo Trainer can be used with all demographics.  When the Stability Ball is stabilized in the Halo Trainer it makes it a very useful tool for the aging population but also pregnant clients.  Changing the position of the Halo Trainer with or without the Stability Ball makes it a good challenge for the athlete as well. 

The Halo Trainer is useful for strengthening and lengthening so it is very versatile for programming.

How did you incorporate these new machines into your existing workout routines?

I love using the Halo Trainer to strengthen in plank position.  It is really an amazing tool that allows you to focus on the right muscles and offers a really good base of support when needed.

Sarah Jarvis, Program Coordinator, Education