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Q: What are benefits to incorporating the Split-Pedal Stability Chair™ into a workout?

A: The Split-Pedal Stability Chair has a smaller base of support compared to other pieces of equipment. This makes it challenging to stabilize the torso and/or shoulders when in a seated or standing position, while helping to build awareness of proper body alignment. The Stability Chair is great for those who are unable to lie down on the floor, as it offers a variety of exercises in sitting, standing or kneeling positions. 

The Split-Pedal Stability Chair is convenient for special populations such as the older adult or prenatal client.  The height of the chair makes it easier to sit and you have a multitude of options for functional exercises isolating the ankle, hip and knee. By using the Split-Pedal version, you can modify exercises into unilateral or reciprocal movements, which will strengthen the obliques and multifidus. With the pedals split you are able to see imbalances between the right and left side of the body.  This is ideal for strengthening stabilizing muscles to help with postural issues such as pelvic and ribcage rotation. 

This equipment does not occupy a large space and is suitable for a home studio or group classes as well. 

Rie Sakamoto

Rie Sakamoto

Program Coordinator, Education and Instructor Trainer

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