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Establish a Stronger Mind-Body Connection

Props help facilitate the proper execution of an exercise and reinforce the essential mind-body connection, whether helping achieve neutral alignment with Cushions & Blocks, firing the correct muscle group with Fitness Circles® or activating dormant muscles with Toning Balls™. Props often add new challenges that force us to learn how to control movement while identifying areas that require development. Establishing this mind-body connection helps create a biomechanically correct, pain-free movement.

Build Core Strength and a Stronger Back

At least 29 muscles make up our body’s core, which provides the support and strength we need to perform everyday movements. From lifting up children to riding a bicycle, a healthy, strong core creates a stable foundation for the arms and legs to lift, reach, bend and twist.

Props like Mini Stability Balls™ are great at employing compound movements— movements that engage numerous joints and muscles simultaneously—promoting muscular balance, better posture, and strength throughout the entire body.

Gain Flexible, Long, Lean Muscle

Traditional workouts tend to build short, bulky muscles, the kind most prone to injury. Pilates elongates and strengthens muscles, improving elasticity and joint mobility. By assisting with proper alignment, Pilates props like Flex-Bands™ provide essential proprioceptive feedback and core-integrated movements that build a strong, flexible and balanced body that is less prone to injury.

Rebalance Muscles for Better Athletic Performance & Injury Prevention

Similarly, many conventional workouts tend to work the same muscles, which results in weak muscles getting weaker and strong muscles getting overworked. The result? Muscular imbalance, a major culprit in injury and chronic back pain.

Props like Foam Rollers™ help condition the entire body, even the ankles and feet. No particular muscle group is over or under-trained. This leads to muscular balance, functional strength and an evenly-conditioned body. Gains in biomechanically correct movement assist us in everyday activities, as well as improving our performance during sports and athletic activities.