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Mini Handweights & Soft Dumbbells Spotlight

Are you looking to change up your routine and challenge your system?

Adding external resistance to your workout will help you tone and strengthen your arms and shoulders and boost work for your abs.  Mini Handweights or Soft Dumbbells are just what you need.

Not only do light peripheral weights increase challenge to the upper body, they can also make the core work harder too.  Dedicated moves will strengthen and tone arms along with the front and back of the shoulders, making them function better and look better too.  Adding weights to exercises like the Ab Prep or crunches will also make the abs work harder. Generally, the further the weight is held away from the body, the more work is required from the core and the periphery.

Mini Handweights are available in four different weights and they come in a pair. The handweights are available in 1.1 lbs ea, 1.65 lbs ea, 2.2 lbs ea and 2.75 lbs ea. Each Mini Handweight has a foam covering making them comfortable to hold.

Soft Dumbbells are available in three different weights and they come in a pair. The dumbbells are available in 1.1 lbs ea, 1.65 lbs ea and 2.2 lbs ea. Each Soft Dumbbell is nylon covered and filled with iron beads which can help to develop strength through the hands and wrists as well.

Both the Mini Handweights and Soft Dumbbells have an elastic strap that helps keep the weights safely in the palm of your hand, so grip strength and fatigue are no longer issues, which is great for mature adults or Rehab clients.

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Large Massage Ball (Red)
Large Massage Ball (Red)
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Small Massage Ball - 2 Pack (Red)
Small Massage Ball - 2 Pack (Red)
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