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2013 marks a milestone for Merrithew; we are celebrating 25 years in business and it’s been an incredible journey so far! Come along with us as we talk to those who have joined us along the way.

“Over the years we have witnessed Kim grow to be an incredibly strong presenter, loyal ambassador and a valuable member of the Merrithew™ programming and education team.  She is an integral member of the development team involved in STOTT PILATES®, ZENGA™ and Stability Barre™ programming.  Through all of Kim’s hard work, dedication to mentoring, and sharing her passion with others around her in mindful exercise, we are proud to announce Kim Kraushar’s new designation of Master Instructor Trainer” Lindsay Merrithew, President & CEO and Moira Merrithew, Executive Director, Education.

An Interview with Kim Kraushar, Master Instructor Trainer 

What made you decide to start training in the STOTT PILATES Method?

I was a dancer for many years and had the opportunity to have a taste of Pilates while on the West Coast completing my apprenticeship at Simon Fraser University.  I loved the concept of Pilates and when it came time for me to choose a form of Pilates training I completed a lot of research and came across STOTT PILATES.  I loved that it was a Canadian based company and had such a wonderful reputation.

How has STOTT PILATES complemented your background in Kinesiology?

With the study of Kinesiology you are studying the science behind movement. However, with Pilates you understand what is behind the movement and why we are moving in a particular fashion, as well as how it will benefit you.  STOTT PILATES is a very powerful tool to have when teaching a movement and as an Instructor you can question why a client is moving a certain way and then tweak the movement to meet the client’s needs.

By integrating STOTT PILATES into my Kinesiology background, I am able to understand why we perform a particular exercise in a specific way and understand each movement associated with it and I have become a more confident instructor.

As an expert in the health and wellness industry, how has STOTT PILATES influenced your career throughout the years?

STOTT PILATES has influenced my career in every way!  In my studio I have been teaching STOTT PILATES for the past 15 years and I was one of the first people to open a studio on the East Coast, which allowed me to establish myself in that region as the centre for education. I have had so many opportunities being affiliated with STOTT PILATES and Merrithew, such as presenting on a large stage in front of many students, as well as the opportunity to reach a large number of professionals and clients. I love all of the support I have received over the years to develop myself as a professional.

As you have progressed from an Instructor to a Master Instructor Trainer, what has been your favourite part of the journey towards this designation?

My favourite part of the journey transitioning from an Instructor to a Master Instructor Trainer has been the chance to develop programming.  Having this amazing opportunity to create something new and see all of the work you have done put down on paper and presented to my peers is incredible. With these new opportunities, it has pushed me to become a better instructor and a better presenter.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the chance to work with the internal team at Merrithew and all of the excitement that comes with creating these new programs!


Kim Krushar