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Holiday Stress Busters

Wind down right with these helpful tools

The holidays are fast approaching, and as the excitement builds, so does the tension. Shopping for gifts, planning a holiday bash or getting creative in the kitchen are all fun activities, but in the rush to get them done the body can build up significant amounts of tension and stress.

Stress puts a wrench to the muscles in the hips, back, shoulders and neck. When these muscle groups are wound up in knots it can lead to muscular discomfort, back pain and tension headaches. Massaging these areas eases tension and increases blood flow to the muscles, flushing out toxins stored in the muscle tissue and helping you relax. Merrithew™ helps you beat stress with these easy-to-use tools that can work wonders on stiff muscles so you can relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Shoulders and Neck

Large Massage Ball - $9.99 (US)

A lightweight massage tool that easily fits in a purse or carry-on bag, this is the perfect way to pamper yourself wherever you are for the holidays. The Large Massage Ball is especially helpful at releasing tension in the shoulders and neck areas. As the blunt spikes dig into your muscles, they stimulate the sensory system and can help ease the knots in your shoulders from all the curl ups in your workout, or all the gift-wrapping for the kids.


Foam Roller™ – Soft Density (18”) - $34.99 (US)

Mimic a full body massage with the Foam Roller. Rolling rehydrates connective tissue, calms the nervous system and relieves trigger points for improved circulation and reduced soreness. Ideal for targeting the muscles in the back, the texturized, non-slip surface of the Foam Roller helps you stay on target in areas that need some extra attention, while the size makes it easy to slip into a suitcase or a gym bag.


Total Body Massage Stick - $19.99 (US)

The hip region is a key area in stabilizing the entire body, and tension in the hips can lead to lower back pain. The perfect tool for targeting the large muscle groups of the hip region, the Total Body Massage Stick helps minimize stiffness and releases myofascial tension. Use it to bookend your workout as a warm up or cool down, or anytime you feel your hips could use a little love.

Large Massage Ball (Red)
Large Massage Ball (Red)
Stock#: ST06098
List Price: $9.99 (USD)
Your Price $9.99 (USD)
Foam Roller™ Soft Density - 18 inch (Blue)
Foam Roller™ Soft Density - 18 inch (Blue)
Stock#: ST06203
List Price: $34.99 (USD)
Your Price $34.99 (USD)
Total Body Massage Stick - 18 inch (Green)
Total Body Massage Stick - 18 inch (Green)
Stock#: ST06158
List Price: $19.99 (USD)
Your Price $19.99 (USD)