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Q. How can you use the Stability Chair™ to train athletes?

A. The Stability Chair™ is an ultra-effective, compact piece of equipment that can be well-suited for athletic conditioning workouts. The exercises on the Stability Chair can benefit any level of athlete by retraining imbalanced muscles and building on the strength and agility of the whole body. Through a variety of standing and sitting exercises, the small base of support focuses on stability of torso, shoulder girdle, hip, pelvis, knee and ankle that can be tailored to meet an athlete’s needs.  This versatile piece of equipment also allows for functional movements against spring resistance in a number of positions while working bilaterally, unilaterally or reciprocally with the limbs to enhance sport-specific performance or everyday life. By incorporating other equipment such as the Rotational Disks or Padded Platform Extender, you will have even more options in your Stability Chair repertoire. 

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Sarah Jarvis

Sarah Jarvis

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer