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Do your clients need a change in their routine?

Spice things up with the Vinyasa Triangle™, the ultimate Reformer accessory.

Learn why Debra Hunt a STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer from The SweatShop studio in Minnesota likes the Vinyasa Triangle.

The Vinyasa Triangle™ is a versatile, easy-to-use piece of equipment that transforms the Reformer into a new platform for Yoga and Pilates practice.  The comfortable surface and three-sided shape allows for modified hand, wrist and foot positions, making movement more accessible for those needing a kinder, gentler experience for their joints. Advanced practitioners can deepen their Pilates and Yoga practice with dynamic poses and movement with the addition of the spring weight resistance on the Reformer, which challenges balance, stability and mind-body focus."

A client came into a 7 p.m. class feeling low in energy, tired from daily demands and parenting an active three-year old. She had no previous Yoga experience. Following a class where she used the Vinyasa Triangle the client shared "I feel refreshed, energized, WORKED OUT, and calm!"

Debra Hunt

Debra Hunt from The SweatShop
"I had great success with an "Intro to ZEN•GA™ on the Reformer" class. Eight people with a variety of backgrounds in Pilates, Yoga and conditioning participated and they all had an awesome experience with the Vinyasa Traingle™ and ZEN•GA work".

The Vinyasa Triangle™, from Merrithew™, is an innovative accessory that dramatically expands programming options for your clients. Designed to fit any STOTT PILATES® Reformer with removable shoulder rests, it can also be secured in the wooden standing platform.  The Vinyasa Triangle is an exclusively designed attachment that can be used as a support for the arms, legs or other body parts when performing both fluid movements and while holding static positions. The two angled sides and padded hand grips add variety and challenge, and the entire piece is ideal when combined with other accessories like the Jumpboard and Padded Platform Extender. The Vinyasa Triangle is available in a choice of 2 sizes. For SPX® Reformers with a 22” carriage width. For 24” carriage models (Professional, V2 Max Plus™, Rehab and Rack & Roll models).

Enjoy an innovative fusion workout that focuses on clarity of the mind, core stability, stamina and resilience with the V2 Vinyasa Yoga on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer, Level 1 DVD.

Increase the demands on your neuromuscular system and reap the benefits of strength and stamina – resulting in overall improved fitness with the V2 Vinyasa Yoga on the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer*, Level 2 DVD.

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