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Q: I've heard about the HALO® Trainer, but it seems it can only be used in personal training. Can I use it in a group class too?

A: While the Halo Trainer is an excellent tool to customize one-on-one workouts with a client, it is so much more. The ergonomically designed Halo fits snugly around a 65cm Stability Ball™ and is ideal for group classes at any level.

For beginners, the Halo Trainer reduces the instability of the Ball making lower-level exercises safer and more effective in sitting, kneeling, or lying positions. For groups who are ready to pump up the challenge, the Halo Trainer and Stability Ball can be positioned to allow only uni-directional instability, which is much easier to control. Used this way, you can target specific muscle groups like the glutes and hamstrings, shoulders, arms and core. For the seriously fit exerciser, intensely challenging exercises feature the Halo Trainer and Stability Ball used separately, giving the body two different areas of instability to control at once.

There has never been anything else that metamorphosizes a classic training tool like the Halo Trainer and Stability Ball.

Laureen Dubeau

Laureen Dubeau

Master Instructor Trainer

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