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Q. My wrists start to hurt when I put weight on them to do Push Ups or Cat Stretch. Is it ok to make fists to come to plank or quadruped position?


A. The joints in your hands are small and not structured to bear weight and STOTT PILATES® does not recommend putting weight on the fists. We suggest using the Arc Barrel as this places the body on a slight angle putting more pressure into the feet and less on the upper body/wrist. Place your hands forward of the apex to allow less extension at the wrist or on the sides of the barrel which promotes a more neutral wrist.  A rolled Mat can also elevate the hand and allow less extension at the wrist but note that this can be less stable for some.  In addition, you can go on to your forearms as an alternative for some exercises and avoid weight bearing through the wrist altogether. It is important that when you weight bear on the wrists in a plank position or four point kneeling that you have strong shoulder/scapula stability but also that you are maintaining a connection through your abdominals and legs to take some of the weight off the wrists. Be sure to focus on proper shoulder girdle alignment and strengthen scapula stabilizers, rotator cuff, triceps and depending on your exercise, the other muscles involved in stabilizing the rest of the body.  


Sarah Jarvis, Program Coordinator, Education Sarah Jarvis

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer

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