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Product feature: The Good Stuff

Rest easy knowing your fitness accessories are heavy metal and toxin-free with our eco-friendly products. From exercise mats to kid's fitness products, Merrithew is committed to providing exercisers of all ages with top-quality, safe fitness and exercise equipment, basing our choices on four pillars that guide us towards the best eco-friendly products, contributing to a sustainable society for the long-term health of current and future generations.

Material Consciousness

Our eco-friendly products are made with high-quality materials including hypo-allergenic options.

Regulatory Adherence

We've made a commitment to adopt the Proposition 65 standard globally. All of our products with PVC, including our eco-friendly kids' line, meet or exceed Europe’s stringent RoHS or REACH standards.

Vendor Relations

In addition to holding ourselves accountable, we work with vendors who adhere to the same strict standards. We regularly monitor their compliance and document their regulatory adherence to ensure that we uphold our reputation as the Professional's Choice.

Individual Preferences

We take great pride in offering you, our customers, a wide selection of products and materials — helping you to make informed choices that suit your individual preferences.

Eco-friendly Mats

Our range of eco-friendly exercise mats have every exercise routine covered. Available in varying thicknesses, tractions and sizes, including XL, and in a swath of colors and designs, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect mat for your practice. Made from biodegradable, polymer environmental resin (PER) and free of toxins and heavy metals. Available in: Eco-friendly Mat Collection; Pilates & Yoga Mat Collection; Yoga Mat Collection; Eco-Deluxe Mat Collection; Specialty Eco Mat Collection; Merrithew/Airex® Coronella 200 Mat; Folding Travel Mat.

Mat Strap Plus

Designed with built-in resistance tubing, use this strap for strength training exercises that sculpt and tone or to improve your yoga practice. Slip the ends over a rolled-up mat to pick up and go. Made of polypropylene fiber over TPR tubing.

Non-Latex Flex-Band®

The ultimate sculpting tool. Work the toxin-free, recyclable Non-Latex Flex-Band into an exercise routine to add upper and lower body resistance training and simulate the flexibility and resistance exercises performed on the Reformer. Available in Light Strength (Orange), Regular Strength (Lemon) and Extra Strength (Lime).

Strength Tubing

Add variety to your strength training routine with lightweight and portable tubing. This versatile resistance tool is made from TPR for a better environment. Available in Ankle - Light Strength, Ankle - Regular Strength, Ankle - Extra Strength, Core - Regular Strength and Core - Extra Strength.

Balance & Therapy Wedge

Improve posture and engage the core while you sit. Suitable for the office or home, the unstable surface of this slanted sitting cushion builds core strength by activating deep stabilizing muscles and aligning the spine, while the textured surface helps stimulate circulation. PVC-free.

Eco Mats for Kids

This biodegradable mat is designed specifically for exercisers-in-training. Kids love the bright designs of these mats that are free of toxins, heavy metals and phthalates. The Pixel the Robot, Aqua is the winner of the 2016 and 2018 National Parenting Product Awards. Available in Super Starbright (Red), Funky Monkey (Green), Funshine (Orange), Triple Sundog (Purple), Bee Happy (Yellow) and Alignment (Green).

Yoga Block for Kids

The perfect complement to our Eco Mat for Kids, this yoga block is made from kid-safe, non-toxic and formamide-free materials. Winner of the 2016 and 2018 National Parenting Product Awards. Available in Orange and Green.

Stability Ball for Kids

Challenge stabilizing muscles and mind-body awareness during playtime with our National Parenting Product Award-winning child-sized exercise ball. Kids will love getting a good stretch by lengthening over the ball’s surface. Latex, toxin, heavy-metal and phthalate-free. For ages 5 and up. Available in Green.

Flying Foam Disks for Kids

Build balance and coordination in a variety of games with these soft foam disks. The Flying Foam Disks for Kids are easy to grip and safe to toss and crawl over. Winners of the 2016 and 2018 National Parenting Product Awards, kids can bring these disks into the pool or bath for more fun in the water. Free from toxins, heavy metals and phthalates. Available in Purple & Green and Blue & Yellow.

Play & Exercise Kit for Kids

Kids challenge three different skill sets with this fun kit that combines an Eco Yoga Mat with soft pucks for hopscotch, tic tac toe and target toss. Made with innovative, kid-safe PER material that is free of toxins, heavy metals and phthalates.