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Product Feature: All About Fascia

Fascia, the connective tissue that weaves throughout the entirety of the body, is a crucial element in maintaining overall health and mobility. Our extensive family of fascia-related props and accessories address the various needs of maintaining optimum fascial health, from hydration to release.

Tensegri – Teach
The perfect teaching tools for fascia programs that visually demonstrate the architectural principle of tensegrity.

Fascia ReleaZer®
Use the power of vibration to stimulate the myofascial system with this solid walnut self-massage tool.

Rollga® Genesis Foam Roller
Unlock hard-to-reach knots with this foam roller that’s easy on sensitive, tender muscles.

acuPads - 2-Pack
Part of the larger family of acu products, these pads work together to ease tension in the body using heat and bodyweight. Also try out the acuBall® Large, acuBall® Mini and acuBack.