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Q. I ordered the Bean Bag because I am actually suffering from tennis elbow myself. How can I incorporate this piece into my program/workout?

A. The piece of equipment is a weighted bean bag attached to a rope and small pole. The client/exerciser starts with the rope wound up around the pole so that the bean bag is starting against the pole. While in a standing position, the client holds the pole so that it’s horizontal to the floor, and positions the hands on the pole so that the rope and bag are between the hands. The palms should face down. Elbows can be flexed or extended. Slowly unwind the rope around the pole by flexing the wrist joint (ensure that the pole doesn't simply spin in your palm) until you have unraveled the rope. The above exercise and movement pattern emphasizes eccentric work through the wrist extensors which is the recommended contraction and movement used in the rehabilitation of tennis elbow. With all exercise programs please ensure that you have the appropriate medical advice before commencing.

Bean Bag
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Sarah Jarvis

Sarah Jarvis

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer