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Fitness Circle®

An effective Pilates Matwork or Reformer routine has the ability to strengthen the mind and body. However, if we stick to the same program over and over, our bodies become accustomed to the routine and our gains may start to plateau. Luckily, there are some easy ways to jumpstart our regular workouts. The Fitness Circle® resistance ring from Merrithew™ is one example of a smart and effective way to boost the intensity to any workout.

Simple and sleek in design, the sprung-steel circle has double-sided padded handles that make incorporating it in modifications or variation a breeze.

On the mat, the Fitness Circle can be used to increase lower-body resistance – a welcome addition to any Matwork program. Placed between the legs, above or below the knee or at the ankle, the work of the adductors is emphasized. Then, use the inner handles against the ankles or knees to challenge the abductors or outer thighs. The Fitness Circle can also be held with the hands, to intensify the arm, shoulder and upper body work. The resistance can also be targeted to strengthen the abs and back.

Go one step further, and the Fitness Circle can be used in conjunction with the Reformer. Just like on the mat, it can be placed inside or outside the legs to intensify the resistance from the springs. It can also be used along with the ropes and straps to increase coordination, stability and strength. The Fitness Circle allows you to train smarter, not just harder so that even familiar exercises become new challenges when the Fitness Circle is involved.

Add the Fitness Circle to your workout with one of our two new DVDs.  Precision and Control with the Fitness Circle and Athletic Conditioning with the Fitness Circle.

Our Retail Sales Team can help you pick the right light equipment and DVDs for your home gym or studio. Get in touch with us via email at retail@merrithew.com or by phone at 1‑800‑910‑0001 x 250 (North America) or 1‑416‑482‑4050 x 250 (International.)

Large Massage Ball (Red)
Large Massage Ball (Red)
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Small Massage Ball - 2 Pack (Red)
Small Massage Ball - 2 Pack (Red)
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