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Merrithew® partners with new reseller in Taiwan as demand for mindful movement equipment and education skyrockets in the Asia-Pacific region

Toronto, ON – – Merrithew® has developed a new reseller partnership with Gymco Sports Ltd. in Taiwan, one of the top 10 recreational and physical activity markets in Asia, in response to skyrocketing consumer and professional demand for high-quality mindful movement equipment and education.

As the global leader in mind-body education and equipment for the last 30 years, Merrithew’s best-in-class Reformers, Cadillacs, Stability Chairs and Barrels are recognized worldwide as The Professional’s Choice for their versatility, durability and high quality.

As the premium fitness equipment provider in Taiwan for over 28 years, Gymco Sports will provide local fitness professionals and consumers with in-depth consultation services and support as they select the best Merrithew equipment for their needs.

To complement their equipment choices, Merrithew also has two Training Centers in Taiwan that offer STOTT PILATES® Instructor Training: Licensed Training Center Alignment Fitness Studio and Host Training Center SmartCare Pilates Studio.

“Representing Merrithew is a great privilege and we’re happy to be closely aligned with our professional approach and delivery of premium products, services and quality,” said Gymco Sports CEO Allen Chien.

“The challenges of our modern times have only reinforced the importance of mindful movement the world over. Fitness consumers and professionals in Asia have embraced mindful movement and have been asking for increased access to our industry-leading equipment and education. Through this partnership with Gymco Sports, we are looking forward to delivering on their expectations and being part of the growth of the mindful movement sector in Taiwan,” said Merrithew President and CEO Lindsay G. Merrithew.

Want to buy Merrithew equipment in Taiwan? Contact Gymco Sports Ltd.

About Gymco Sports Ltd.

Gymco Sports has been a premium fitness equipment distributor in Taiwan for over 28 years. The Gymco team provides in-depth consultation, including 2D/3D design plans for schools, fitness clubs, studios, hotels, residential, rehabilitation and sports venues. With a strong 15-person professional team, Gymco has always prided itself for delivering excellent customer experiences, finding creative solutions to complex problems and assisting customers with after-sales service. Gymco continues to expand its network by offering new brands to create the greatest value and customer satisfaction in Taiwan.

About Merrithew®

Merrithew® is the global leader in mind-body education and equipment. Founded in 1988, the company has trained more than 80,000 instructors and partners worldwide, developed six innovative education programs— STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA®, Total Barre®, Halo® Training, Merrithew Fascial Movement and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training— and has produced an extensive line of professional and at-home equipment and accessories for personal and professional use.

In 2020, Merrithew launched Merrithew Connect, a video streaming platform featuring new and signature Pilates, fitness and mind-body workouts and training from its internationally-recognized team of presenters.

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加拿大安省多倫多 – – 台灣是亞洲十大娛樂和體育活動市場之一,因此Merrithew®與僑泰鑫健康(股)公司Gymco Sports Ltd.建立了新的台灣經銷商合作夥伴關係,提供身心運動設備和教育以應對不斷增長的消費者和專業人士對高品質運動的需求。

作為過去30年心身教育和設備的全球領導者,Merrithew®經典器材 Reformers, Cadillacs, Stability Chairs , Barrels在全球範圍內被公認為The Professional's Choice 專業人士選擇,且因其多功能性、耐用性、高品質,而廣受歡迎。


与多元的設備選擇相輔相成的是,Merrithew®在台灣還有兩個培訓中心:授權培訓中心Alignment Fitness Studio體線運動和客座培訓中心SmartCare Pilates Studio群康彼拉提斯,可提供STOTT PILATES®教練培訓。

僑泰鑫總經理簡祈昌Allen Chien表示:”成為Merrithew®台灣經銷商,我們感到非常榮幸,結合僑泰鑫的專業,我們能為客戶提供優質產品、服務和品質。”

“面對現代時代的挑戰,全世界已加深了對於身心運動的重要性的認知。 亞洲的健身消費者和專業人士接受身心運動,並一直期望使用我們領先行業的設備和接受高水平教育機會。通過與僑泰鑫的合作,我們期待實現他們的期望,並成為台灣身心運動行業發展的一部分。” Merrithew®總裁兼首席執行官Lindsay G. Merrithew說道。


關於Gymco Sports Ltd.僑泰鑫健康(股)公司

僑泰鑫一直是台灣地區的高級健身器材經銷商,已有28年以上的歷史。 僑泰鑫團隊提供深入的諮詢,包括針對學校,健身俱樂部,工作室,酒店,住宅,康復和運動場館的2D / 3D設計規劃。 憑藉強大的15人專業團隊,僑泰鑫一直以提供出色的客戶體驗,尋找解決複雜問題的創造性解決方案以及為客戶提供售後服務而感到自豪。 僑泰鑫繼續擴展其業務,通過提供新創品牌來創造台灣最大的價值和客戶滿意度。


曼丽丘®是心身教育培训和设备的全球领导者。公司成立于1988年,在全球范围内培训了60,000多名教练和合作伙伴,制定了六种创新的教育培训课程 — 斯多特普拉提®, 禅·迦, 全面芭杆®, Halo®训练, 曼丽丘筋膜运动以及体核运动调理和表现训练 — 并生产了广泛的专业和家用设备及配件。 2020年,曼丽丘推出了流媒体平台 Merrithew Connect,曼丽丘顶级的教练培训导师通过这个平台提供最前沿的普拉提和身心训练。