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Merrithew introduces new STOTT PILATES® Specialty Track

Toronto, ON,  – Merrithew has developed a new STOTT PILATES® Specialty Track dedicated to modifications of exercises that focus on balance, control, fascia and restoration. The Interdisciplinary Track marks the ninth addition to STOTT PILATES Specialty Track programming line and underscores the continued growth of the STOTT PILATES education offering.

STOTT PILATES Specialty Tracks set Certified STOTT PILATES Instructors apart and enhance career development by offering specialty programming that accommodates the specific needs and modifications of unique groups in varying market segments. Instructors earn Continuing Education Credits for professional development as well as a Specialty Track designation. STOTT PILATES Specialty Tracks include: Active for Life, Athletic Conditioning, Dance, Golf Conditioning, Group Equipment, Group Matwork, Pre- and Post-natal, Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning and Interdisciplinary.

The Interdisciplinary Track is aimed at fitness professionals, Pilates, yoga and group fitness instructors who want to build fluid and harmonious workouts that focus on moving the entire body while integrating fascial fitness and functional movement. Using unique small props such as the Mini Foam Roller and small weights, Interdisciplinary Track workshops emphasize flow, fluid sequencing and allowing the client to feel end-range movements while adjusting the exercise to suit their current condition. Many of the workshops are mat-based and include a variety of standing, seated and lying down exercises, which allow instructors to build and enhance workouts by integrating the concepts of fascial integration, foundational movement patterns and preparatory counter movements.

The mindful movement exercises taught in the Interdisciplinary Track workshops empower clients by helping them understand how the body moves. Layering mindful movement onto other modalities, such as athletic conditioning or sports-specific training, can increase client interest and increase client bases across all fitness modalities.

The workshops in the Interdisciplinary Track include:

  • Matwork Flow Conditioning Sequence Workout
  • Matwork Flow with Weights
  • Matwork Flow with Ankle Tubing
  • Mini Foam Roller Flow
  • Stability Barrel: Create Balance & Control
  • Stability Barrel Flow: Intermediate Challenge
  • Stability Chair Flow Workout
  • Essential Matwork with a Fascial Focus
  • Assessment and Warm Up for Foundational Movement – Part A
  • Matwork Programming for Foundational Movement – Part B
  • Reformer Programming for Foundational Movement – Part C
  • Twist Ball Workout

“The Interdisciplinary Track is an excellent opportunity for Instructors to discover how to build a sense of continuity in workouts while stimulating the myofascial system across a range of different fitness modalities,” said Moira Merrithew, Executive Director, Education. “These workshops are based on cutting-edge fitness research, and are immensely useful in tailoring workouts to individual client needs.”

For more information on the Interdisciplinary Track and other STOTT PILATES Specialty Tracks, contact an Education Advisor at or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 288.

About Merrithew

Merrithew is the global leader in mind-body education and equipment. Founded in 1988, the company has trained more than 60,000 instructors and partners worldwide, developed six innovative education programs— STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA®, Total Barre®, Halo® Training, Merrithew Fascial Movement and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training— and has produced an extensive line of professional and at-home equipment and accessories for personal and professional use. In 2020, Merrithew launched Merrithew Connect, a video streaming platform featuring the latest Pilates and mind-body workouts from its top Instructor Trainers.

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