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Merrithew™ brings the latest in Mind-Body exercise to New York city

Toronto, March 18, 2014 – The need for mindfulness within our daily lives continues to be apparent with much of the population constantly being busy and stressed out. This is possibly most evident in one of the world’s busiest cities, New York City. Just in time, leaders in mindful movement, Merrithew™ (MH&F), will be taking their global symposium series, The Merrithew Mindful Movement Tour, back to New York May 2- 4, 2014. The Symposium will take a hand-picked team of sought-after Instructor Trainers to global cities to share the latest in mindful movement and exercise science from MH&F’s newest branded programs. 

Imparting the newest innovations in the fitness industry, the tour looks to inspire mind-body and fitness professionals to reframe their perception of mindful movement and will exhibit how mind-body modalities will benefit every type of exerciser, not just the ‘zen’ set of the population. 

“The growing awareness and participation in mind-body modalities is incredible,” shares Lindsay G. Merrithew, CEO and President of Merrithew. “Where the company first began with STOTT PILATES® in the 1980s, we’ve been able to lead the industry by expanding the category, integrating mindful movement with other exercise styles. Through STOTT PILATES and our newest premium brands CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™, Total Barre and ZEN•GA™, we’re able to encompass other popular training styles all while maintaining the mind-body connection.”

“We’ll be offering more than 20 different foundational courses and workshops to challenge the fitness community and are especially excited to share the latest programming in Total Barre — it was the most popular training we offered last year,” notes Moira Merrithew, Executive Director, Education. “Regardless of what’s hot or trendy in the industry, we stand by our commitment to safe, responsible exercise. That being said, it’s great that our premium brands capture what the fitness community is actively engaging with right now while adapting and incorporating mindful movement with an emphasis on proper biomechanics and delivering effective workouts that are results-oriented.”

The three-day symposium will offer a wide selection of programming allowing attendees to tailor the event to suit their needs. Programs will be led by Master Instructors PJ O'Clair and Wayne Seeto with Lead Instructor Leslie Wall. Registration for New York is now open at  In addition to adding new skills to their fitness toolkit, attendees can look forward to distinguishing themselves from other fitness professionals through specialized skills and also networking with some of the industry’s most inspiring individuals.

Recently announced, the tour will also touch down in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 16 – 18, as a part of the Pilates Leader Programme. For information on other upcoming symposiums, visit

All large hardware, including V2 Max Plus™ Reformers, Stability Barres™ and other equipment used during the courses and workshops will be available for sale at up to 25% off of the regular purchase. For more information please contact

About Merrithew

Merrithew is the global leader in mind-body education and equipment. Founded in 1988, the company has trained more than 60,000 instructors and partners worldwide, developed six innovative education programs— STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA®, Total Barre®, Halo® Training, Merrithew Fascial Movement and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training— and has produced an extensive line of professional and at-home equipment and accessories for personal and professional use. In 2020, Merrithew launched Merrithew Connect, a video streaming platform featuring the latest Pilates and mind-body workouts from its top Instructor Trainers.

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