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Celebrating 25 years of the STOTT PILATES® brand

Merrithew® introduces three new DVDs and launches World Tour

Toronto, January 2, 2013 – January 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of Merrithew® (MH&F) and its premier brand STOTT PILATES®.   As part of the company's tremendous growth, MH&F has been an integral part of the Pilates revolution, with the method of exercise evolving from a little known dancer's secret to being one of the fastest growing fitness activities in North America. Long recognized as The Professional's Choice™ by Pilates and fitness experts, and the largest full-service Pilates company in the world, MH&F continues to be a driving force in the Pilates category. In addition to the world-class STOTT PILATES® brand, MH&F is home to two other fitness brands: CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™ and ZEN•GA™, which is an innovative fusion of exercise science and mindful movement.

Co-founders Lindsay and Moira Merrithew have remained true to their company's original mission to introduce new and exciting forms of mindful exercise, supporting their philosophy that effective and responsible exercise is the foundation to a better lifestyle. Their impact on the fitness industry has not gone unnoticed. Last fall, the Merrithew's were awarded the 2012 Inner IDEA Inspiration Award, recognizing individuals whose outstanding leadership in the wellness field has inspired people toward mindful activity and a healthy lifestyle.

In keeping with their goal of educating more fitness professionals and home exercisers around the globe, MH&F plans to mark their silver anniversary with the Merrithew Mindful Movement World Tour to offer local training opportunities to their global community. They will also release three new DVDs in March 2013 to help everyone reach their fitness goals. "Developing and producing exercise content for fitness professionals and general enthusiasts is something we've done for years. We want to share our knowledge and passion with as many people as possible," commented Lindsay G. Merrithew, Executive Producer and President and CEO. "In addition to releasing new DVDs, we will visit a number of key international cities in 2013. We've trained instructors in over 118 countries and want to bring new workshops and programming to those who have supported us internationally over the years," he said.

New DVDs launching in March 2013 highlight the unique strengths of the three MH&F brands and include the following titles: "STOTT PILATES: Basic Pilates, Volume 2". "CORE: Power & Stamina – Medicine Ball Interval Training, Volume 2" and "ZEN•GA™ Flow". They will be available March 12, 2013 for $15.95 at

"STOTT PILATES: Basic Pilates Volume 2," is a follow up to the best-selling Volume 1 addition and is led by Moira Merrithew. The workout is great for beginners and outlines the Five Basic Principles of STOTT PILATES, clearly demonstrating the Merrithews' contemporary approach to Pilates. This 30-minute routine includes classic moves as well as unique twists like the "Hundred", done from a kneeling position. Requiring only a mat, the DVD invigorates and energizes while improving one's muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

The CORE brand is for those looking for athletic conditioning and performance training. The advanced-level workout in "CORE: Power & Stamina – Medicine Ball Interval Training Volume 2" does not disappoint. Led by Master Instructor John Garey, this 31-minute program uses the medicine ball (sold separately) to challenge endurance and agility and build muscle strength and provides a time-efficient, total body workout. Garey's 15 years of STOTT PILATES teaching experience, along with his Masters degree in adult fitness from New York University, are apparent. The program is challenging and is presented with an emphasis on form and safety.

ZEN•GA™ Flow is a beginner to intermediate level DVD that will help an exerciser find the grace of a dancer and the power of a warrior. Requiring only a mat, this program of Mindful Movement weaves elements of yoga and dance into one seamless 36-minute routine. The workout is a moving meditation that will improve balance and core strength, while instilling a sense of calm. It can also boost flexibility, increase circulation and stimulate the central nervous system. The workout is led by PJ O'Clair, a Master Instructor Trainer based in Massachusetts with over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Merrithew DVDs are known for their clear and detailed instruction for both the professional fitness community and for general fitness enthusiasts. With over 150 titles in their diverse catalogue, MH&F caters to all fitness levels (beginner to advanced) with matwork and equipment-based programming. The workouts range from sport-specific programming, to special needs (like pre and post-natal titles) to various DVDs that assist with rehab. For every DVD produced by the company, the emphasis is on safe and effective workouts that produce results.

About Merrithew®

Merrithew® is the global leader in mind-body education and equipment. Founded in 1988, the company has trained more than 80,000 instructors and partners worldwide, developed six innovative education programs— STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA®, Total Barre®, Halo® Training, Merrithew Fascial Movement and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training— and has produced an extensive line of professional and at-home equipment and accessories for personal and professional use.

In 2020, Merrithew launched Merrithew Connect, a video streaming platform featuring new and signature Pilates, fitness and mind-body workouts and training from its internationally-recognized team of presenters.

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