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30th Anniversary
30 Years of Mindful Movement PDF, 829 KB Download
Mindful Movement, Mindful Business PDF, 185 KB Download
Merrithew Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary PDF, 238 KB Download
Journey to Success: Leading a Mindful Movement PDF, 1536 KB Download
Making a Difference Around the World PDF, 370 KB Download
Company profiles
A Complementary Couple PDF, 90 KB Download
Lindsay and Moira Merrithew PDF, 648 KB Download
Make Mindfulness Your New Year's Resolution PDF, 796 KB Download
STOTT PILATES – A Canadian Success Story PDF, 255 KB Download
Icons & Innovators – Building an Industry PDF, 3724 KB Download
The One for All PDF, 230 KB Download
The Best in the Industry PDF, 990 KB Download
Value Proposition – Merrithew PDF, 100 KB Download
What is Pilates?
For Almost a Century, Pilates has been the Exercise of Choice PDF, 301 KB Download
Is Pilates for me? PDF, 320 KB Download
The Secret to Weight Loss PDF, 64 KB Download
Stand Tall PDF, 53 KB Download
The Promise of Pilates PDF, 47 KB Download
Make Mindfulness Your New Year's Resolution PDF, 796 KB Download
STOTT PILATES® - Five Basic Principles PDF, 753 KB Download
Indoor Training for Outdoor Activities PDF, 546 KB Download
Programming for Special Populations PDF, 514 KB Download
La Methode Pilates : La Recette du Succes (fr) PDF, 163 KB Download
Break a Sweat with Mindful Movement PDF, 457 KB Download
Swap Stress for Serotonin PDF, 622 KB Download
Balance Extreme Exercise with Mindful Movement PDF, 415 KB Download
Trending Now? PDF, 3075 KB Download
A Healthier Future with Pilates PDF, 640 KB Download
Enhance Your Everyday Workout with Pilates! PDF, 232 KB Download
Top Five Winter Exercise Tips PDF, 356 KB Download
Pilates’ Endless Possibilities PDF, 389 KB Download
Pilates: Aid for Low-Back Pain PDF, 198 KB Download
For businesses
Spotlight a Pro: Patrick Przyborowski PDF, 2603 KB Download
Expanding Opportunities for Mind-Body Profit Centers PDF, 300 KB Download
Building Your Business 140 Characters at a Time PDF, 609 KB Download
Increase Your Marketability as an Instructor by Specializing PDF, 522 KB Download
Want to Increase Your Profits? Add group Reformer sessions to your studio! PDF, 951 KB Download
Cyber-lates PDF, 4509 KB Download
A Dedicated Pilates Studio Creates Non-Dues Revenue PDF, 837 KB Download
Marketing Pilates for Long-Term Success PDF, 119 KB Download
The Benefits of Reformer Training PDF, 429 KB Download
Pilates Can Be Your Clubs' Core Strength PDF, 54 KB Download
Mat is where it's at! PDF, 197 KB Download
How to Set Up a Pilates Studio for the Active Aging PDF, 379 KB Download
Diversified instructors = More profit for club owners PDF, 785 KB Download
Not your mother’s Pilates! PDF, 9193 KB Download
Sky-high Exercise PDF, 300 KB Download
Studio Success Stories: How four JCCs increased their profits with Pilates! PDF, 692 KB Download
Pilates Q&A PDF, 260 KB Download
Leading the Way in Mind-Body Fitness PDF, 396 KB Download
Rehab specific
Posture Perfect PDF, 1001 KB Download
Balance & training for special populations PDF, 657 KB Download
Put your back into it PDF, 391 KB Download
Reclaim your life PDF, 2354 KB Download
Pilates fitness continuum – post-rehabilitation and prevention Pilates fitness programs PDF, 446 KB Download
Finding relief from chronic pain PDF, 153 KB Download
Pilates for the Physically Challanged PDF, 630 KB Download
Research/Science update: Pilates for rehab conditioning PDF, 301 KB Download
Why practice Pilates PDF, 192 KB Download
Pilates for post-rehabilitation PDF, 1011 KB Download
Sport conditioning
Triathlon Plus - Sharpen Your Game PDF, 284 KB Download
Fitness trends vs fitness classics PDF, 568 KB Download
Pilates takes the field PDF, 2946 KB Download
Mind, body, and core! PDF, 215 KB Download
Pilates for the sports guy! PDF, 313 KB Download
Pilates for dancers PDF, 525 KB Download
Pilates for golf PDF, 741 KB Download
A mat for all seasons PDF, 3100 KB Download
Pilates matwork for athletes PDF, 547 KB Download
Pilates does the body good - inside and out! PDF, 201 KB Download
Jock of ages PDF, 706 KB Download
Pilates for winter sports PDF, 375 KB Download
Active aging and youth fitness
How to Set Up a Pilates Studio for the Active Aging PDF, 379 KB Download
Mind Body Kids PDF, 592 KB Download
Armchair Pilates PDF, 237 KB Download
Pilates For Every Exerciser PDF, 437 KB Download
Pilates... Not just for Adults PDF, 502 KB Download
Parent Guide for Health PDF, 367 KB Download
Being Active for Life PDF, 463 KB Download
Pilates for Seniors PDF, 462 KB Download
Equipment and props
OptiMYz's holiday gift guide 2018 PDF, 1419 KB Download
ZEN•GA® Power & Strength PDF, 23 KB Download
Pilates Body: Unique Ways to Boost Your Routine with Props! PDF, 232 KB Download
Sky-High Exercise PDF, 300 KB Download
6 Ways to Fitness with the Halo® Trainer PDF, 1456 KB Download
2012 Pilates Style DVD Awards PDF, 421 KB Download
Body, Mind, Mats and More PDF, 1144 KB Download
Enhance Your Fitness Toolbox with these Great Finds! PDF, 137 KB Download
Shape up: Essentials for Moms-to-be PDF, 382 KB Download
Oxygen: Blast Fat, Bust Boredom PDF, 172 KB Download
DVD Behind the Scenes: Lights, Camera, Videos! PDF, 663 KB Download
Dance Magazine: Summer Days PDF, 1128 KB Download
Pilates Style: Workout with Moira & Natalia PDF, 1653 KB Download
Get Back to Class PDF, 232 KB Download
Reinventing the Group Class PDF, 296 KB Download
Yoga: What's Hot PDF, 410 KB Download
Cardio-Tramp®: Hooked on Tye4 PDF, 213 KB Download
rehab&fitness Product Guide 2011 PDF, 115 KB Download
Product Showcase PDF, 195 KB Download
Shape Your Space PDF, 767 KB Download
Education and programming
Cutting Edge Pilates Programming for Instructors PDF, 37 KB Download
Pilates Guru Moira Merrithew PDF, 29 KB Download
Total Barre®: The Foundation Manual – Review PDF, 770 KB Download
Imagery as an Effective Cueing Technique PDF, 1100 KB Download
CACL Pilates Instructors Receive Fitting Awards PDF, 450 KB Download
Modifying for Prenatal Exercise PDF, 1535 KB Download
Give Props Some Props! PDF, 250 KB Download
The Pilates Career Path PDF, 263 KB Download
Cueing for Pilates PDF, 248 KB Download
International news
STOTT PILATES®: The Most Respected Pilates Brand in the World PDF, 84 KB Download
Shape Magazine Malaysia: Hands-On Mom featuring Melissa Wong PDF, 505 KB Download
Try it Out – Core Values PDF, 226 KB Download
The Pilates Reformer Revolution PDF, 143 KB Download
Mind-body Exercise: Pilates als zusätzliche Trainingsform der funktionellen Fitness (de) PDF, 992 KB Download
Es gibt viele Methoden und Stile, Pilates zu trainieren, eine davon ist STOTT PILATES (de) PDF, 4744 KB Download
A New Body in 30 Days PDF, 849 KB Download
High Expectations PDF, 1191 KB Download
At Home Gym Kit List PDF, 2389 KB Download
FIBO Preview PDF, 2004 KB Download
Cadillac, Chairs & Barrels
CCB Flexible Learning Options PDF, 42 KB Download
The Cadillac: a Post-Rehab Must Have PDF, 40 KB Download
The Versatility of the Stability Chair™ – Small Footprint, Big Workout PDF, 40 KB Download
Benefits of Adding Barrels Programming to Your Workout PDF, 41 KB Download