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STOTT PILATES® Examinations Information Session


Exams can be intimidating, especially when you are unsure how to study and prepare. This information session helps to explain what materials to review and how to prepare for both written and practical portions of the STOTT PILATES® exams. This session provides a general overview of the exam and detailed structure of each portion of the exam. Participants will review which areas are tested for the written exam and what needs to be included in the practical exam. To review the specific repertoire and content for each STOTT PILATES Certification Course, please check out our Exam Preparation Workshops

Learning objectives

  1. Recognize the benefits of getting certified in STOTT PILATES
  2. Understand the structure of STOTT PILATES Certification Examinations
  3. Learn what materials to review and how to study for the examination
  4. Know what type of questions will be on the written exam; as well as what will be expected on the practical exam
  5. Build confidence in preparing for your STOTT PILATES Certification Examination

Equipment used in this workshop

AV Equipment Required (when offered in person): Head mic & sound system, slide presentation, projector, screen, laptop