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STOTT PILATES® Soft Kettlebell Plus Workout


Experience all aspects of functional training – squat, hinge, lunge, pull, push and rotate – in this full-body integrated workout. The 5 lb Soft Kettlebell Plus is unlike any other, it can be configured and utilized in diverse ways to add challenge and enhance awareness to both standing and Matwork-based exercises. The Merrithew® Programming Team presents innovative sequences incorporating variations of traditional compound Kettlebell moves along with Pilates repertoire.

Learning objectives

  1. Implement various aspects of functional training using the 5 lb Soft Kettlebell Plus
  2. Discover how the Soft Kettlebell Plus can be used in a variety of configurations to enhance traditional exercises
  3. Experience an integrative workout with both standing and Matwork-based exercises

Equipment used in this workshop

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