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STOTT PILATES® Breathing & Mobility on the Stability Barrel™ Lite


Increasing sensory awareness and optimizing movement patterns are paramount in the creation of a resilient, mobile and healthy body. The two sizes of the Stability Barrel Lite is an excellent tool to help isolate the inner mechanisms of rotation and stabilization through the whole body. It’s unique shape facilitates programming options to access underused areas and provide a comfortable working surface to enable more efficient starting positions and movement variations. Using the breath as the primary focal point, this workshop created by the Merrithew® programming team shows how to incorporate the STOTT PILATES Principles, along with other movement variables, as the basis for improving alignment, releasing stress and developing greater dynamic stability. Experience a series of exercises and smooth rhythmic patterns on the Barrels that will lengthen, strengthen and increase dynamic range of motion.

Learning objectives

  1. Discover how the STOTT PILATES Principles can be incorporated to create optimal movement patterns
  2. Experience how movements can be enhanced and facilitated with the use of the Stability Barrel Lite and/or the Mini Stability Barrel Lite
  3. Discuss how breath patterns can optimize awareness and create greater stability and flow
  4. Learn how creating flow in a workout can help increase strength and range of motion

Equipment used in this workshop

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