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Total Barre® Endurance with Props


Props, props, props! Clients love props, and when you incorporate them into a lively, music-inspired barre class, they not only provide a fun and intense challenge, but ensure target muscles are firing effectively, and clients are getting the desired results.

This four-hour workshop, developed by the Merrithew® team, follows the 11-Segment, one-hour class template, introduced in the Total Barre Foundation Course. Learn unique, energetic choreography coupled with effective cues to reinforce safe biomechanics for each movement of the workout. The added resistance of a Flex-Band®, and Ankle Tubing effectively activates stabilizing and mobilizing muscles and the addition of the Mini Stability Ball provides both support and challenge. This workout, choreographed to a great selection of Merrithew Music tracks, is a wonderful addition to your barre program.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn how to apply the comprehensive alignment principles concept used in all Total Barre programs
  2. Understand how to use the 11-Segment template to provide choreography and tempo for a one hour
  3. Discover how key movement segments are broken down in detail in order to learn how to cue for safe, optimal biomechanics
  4. Explore how to work with music, phrasing and counting as well as teaching strategies, exercise variations and modifications to ensure classes are safe and effective for all participants

Equipment used in this workshop

Workshop music

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