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STOTT PILATES® Pilates Principles: From Then to Now


The strength of the Pilates method is realized through the connection to its foundational principles. The original technique pioneered by Joseph H. Pilates recognized six movement-based principles that formed the framework. STOTT PILATES®, known as the ‘contemporary approach’ developed and incorporated five biomechanically-based principles that foster a methodology based more in exercise science to the teaching and performance of the exercises. Join us as we contrast and compare the two ways of thinking to see how each brings value and longevity to the work we do today.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn the original principles pioneered by Joseph H. Pilates
  2. Clarify the contemporary approach developed by STOTT PILATES
  3. Discover how the Five Basic Principles bring body awareness and focus to the current work
  4. Learn how to convey the value of the STOTT PILATES principles to students and clients
  5. Explore how each of the principles can be applied to the exercises to enhance the benefits

Equipment used in this workshop

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