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STOTT PILATES® The Shoulder Girdle: Equipment Programming for Stability & Function


Shoulder issues can sideline an athlete and make life difficult for anyone. This lecture/demo-style workshop, created by the Merrithew® team, takes an in-depth look at the shoulder complex and discusses post-rehabilitative exercise options using a variety of Pilates equipment. After gaining a better understanding of the anatomy, biomechanics and ideal functioning of the complex, review some of the most common injuries and conditions. Armed with this information, thoughtful and purposeful exercise progressions can be developed with equipment ranging from small props like the Flex-Band®, Fitness Circle® and Toning Balls, to larger pieces like the V2 Max Plus Reformer, Stability Chair and Cadillac. Exercises will be targeted to restoring normal movement patterns, improve ROM, address scapula-humeral rhythm, develop strength and prepare the client to return to daily activities or sport performance.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand optimal function and movement patterns of shoulder girdle
  2. Understand common dysfunctions
  3. Review anatomy and muscular involvement in optimal movement patterns
  4. Learn exercises and progressions on a variety of equipment to optimize shoulder girdle function

Equipment used in this workshop

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