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STOTT PILATES® Advanced Reformer: From Then to Now


Come with us on a journey through the STOTT PILATES® Advanced Reformer repertoire, examining the nuances of a selection of exercises. Learn how the movements evolved from the original, classical teachings of Joseph Pilates into the more contemporary approach we teach now. We’ll demonstrate and thoroughly break down each exercise from its original intent and compare and contrast that with the exercise as it is taught today in the STOTT PILATES method. Learn how the repertoire has evolved and continues to progress based on new information and research as it is introduced into the field, and how the Five Basic Principles and the addition of modifications continue to influence those changes.

Learning objectives

  1. See the Advanced Reformer exercises as they were originally taught
  2. Discuss how updated scientific information was and continues to be integrated into the repertoire
  3. Understand how the STOTT PILATES Principles provide a basis for correct biomechanical movement
  4. Learn how modifications were first introduced into the repertoire and how these variations add to the applicability of higher-level exercises

Equipment used in this workshop

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