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STOTT PILATES® Flexion-Free Workshop


Fitness and Pilates Instructors meet a variety of clients who are restricted in their movements for a variety of reasons. Often, spinal flexion is contraindicated due to some specified concern. Learn how to modify Pilates exercises in a range of intensity levels to create workouts that achieve the primary goal of limiting spinal flexion while providing an effective full-body workout. Small handweights, Stability Cushions and the Flex-Band® exerciser are used to increase upper body resistance while further challenging the stability of the torso in a neutral alignment.

Learning objectives

  1. Discuss how the STOTT PILATES® Principles apply when movement is restricted
  2. Discover how to create a challenging workout without altering spinal alignment
  3. Learn to incorporate small handweights in a full flexion-free workout
  4. Explore exercise modifications in order to keep the workout safe

Equipment used in this workshop

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