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STOTT PILATES® Reformer Programming for Foundational Movement


How can the Reformer be used to address common foundational movement dysfunctions, and how can new training concepts and protocols be integrated with established exercise repertoires? In this workshop, participants review the multi-planar functional assessments explored in Part A, then discuss the application of those findings in a Reformer-based program. Variations and modifications to illicit positive responses are introduced incorporating STOTT PILATES® Basic Biomechanical Principles, Foundational Movement Patterns, and the Merrithew Fascial Movement Variables along with additional factors. Using the spring tension of the Reformer and the versatility in positioning, enhance a client’s movement quality and address individual movement default strategies. The overall goal is to increase mobility and enhance dynamic stability through all planes of motion restoring more efficient movement to everyday life.

Learning objectives

  1. Review foundational movement assessments from Part A, and common default strategies that affect a client’s level of mobility, dynamic stability and sensory awareness
  2. Explore a Reformer-based multi-disciplinary approach to improve overall movement quality and function
  3. Discover how the use of spring tension can address movement and muscle firing patterns, and body awareness
  4. Understand how new interdisciplinary concepts can be applied to a program on the Reformer

Equipment used in this workshop

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