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STOTT PILATES® Assessment and Warm Up for Foundational Movement


This workshop is designed to provide instructors with tools to fine-tune their programs and help their clients’ overall physical condition. By combining traditional and newer training protocols including STOTT PILATES® Basic Biomechanical Principles, Foundational Movement Patterns, and the Merrithew Fascial Movement Variables along with additional factors, learn to assess your clients’ established movement patterns. Then, starting with self-assessment in standing, encourage subjective evaluations with multi-planar movements within a dynamic warm-up to identify individual movement default strategies that can hinder exercise training goals.

Learning objectives

  1. Assess movement quality through simple explorations which include mobility, dynamic stability & sensory awareness
  2. Identify postural default strategies and apply various interdisciplinary concepts using simple props to re-pattern and restore optimal function
  3. Creatively apply small props to encourage re-patterning and improve movement quality
  4. Learn how this comprehensive approach can be applied to any client’s current exercise program

Equipment used in this workshop

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