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CORE™ Power & Stamina: Medicine Ball Interval Training, Volume 2


Successfully train athletic clients to exceed their fitness goals! High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most effective and most popular training techniques in the industry right now – combine HIIT with the CORE Foundational Principles for a full-body blast! This intense Level 2 athletic program, created by the Merrithew team, features unique movement sequences and combinations using the challenging medicine ball. Plyometric-based exercise meets strength and resistance training to improve power, coordination and cardiovascular endurance. Modifications, correct form and alignment as well as programming concepts are included in this fast-paced workshop. Participants are encouraged to wear training shoes.

Learning objectives

  1. Discuss how the CORE Principles for training are applied to an intense interval workout
  2. Learn to use the medicine ball in plyometric-based exercises for strength and power
  3. Discover how this workout can help improve athletic performance at any level
  4. Hear teaching tips for cueing and correcting to ensure optimal results are realized

Equipment used in this workshop

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