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STOTT PILATES® Essential Reformer on the V2 Max Plus™


Explore how altering the angle of resistance can facilitate and expand the existing Reformer repertoire. Learn a series of Essential-level exercises using the V2 Max Plus Reformer’s adjustable pulley system and extensor straps. Using the height-adjustable pulleys on the unit’s vertical frame, learn how the angle of resistance can be changed to help fire the appropriate muscles and achieve increased range of motion in tri-planar movements. This workshop, developed by the Merrithew® team, is ideal for instructors from beginner to expert and for clients at any fitness level.

Learning objectives

  1. Discover the unique features of the STOTT PILATES® V2 Max Plus Reformer*
  2. Explore the many programming options offered by altering the angle of resistance
  3. Apply the STOTT PILATES Principles to exercises using the various features of the apparatus
  4. Learn effective cueing, correcting and modifications to address all client needs

Equipment used in this workshop

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