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Flowing Sequences

Workshop details

Difficulty Essential
Duration 2 hours


REPs 2.0
REPs independently endorsed education

A moving meditation, this mindful workout combines elements of movement and flow with a deep awareness of connection and control. This workout, developed by the Merrithew team, promises to increase circulation, stimulate the central nervous system and improve flexibility all while strengthening the mind-body connection. The fluid floor-based sequences feature a greater focus on core strength, balance and coordination. If you’d like to have the grace of a dancer, with the power of a warrior, this workout is definitely for you.

Learning objectives

  1. Apply the Mindful Movement Principles to modified exercises on the mat
  2. Understand how the elements of various movement forms combine in one workout
  3. Learn how simple exercises can be linked in fluid sequences, offering a dance-like quality
  4. Discover how to create simple programs that improve flexibility and control

Equipment used in this workshop

  • Mat
  • Meditation Cushion (optional)

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