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Fascial Fitness: Exploring Arm Lines

Workshop details

Difficulty Essential / Intermediate
Duration 2 hours


REPs 2.0
REPs independently endorsed education

This ZEN•GA® workshop incorporates the latest findings in fascial research. It is thought that the myofascial lines act as global tension complexes that simultaneously stabilize, transmit forces, preserve joint integrity and allow for coordinated movements throughout the skeletal frame. The Arm Line Exploration uses the four arm lines as a map to begin to understand these well documented myofascial continuities, to stimulate awareness of our three-dimensional structures and to “see” or sense the arm lines experientially in the body. These simple exercises can also be a helpful guide for approaching global movement patterns when faulty movement compensations exist. Tactile feedback and support tools (Mini Stability Ball and Flex-Band) add imagery and gentle resistance to improve tone, proprioception and circulation. The Exploration is followed by a dynamic Flex-Band Arm Line Workout designed to further build on the concepts of myofascial continuities using Flex-Band resistance with coordinated global movement patterns to seamlessly integrate the arm lines into the entire body.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand what fascia, the four main lines and four arm lines are.
  2. Understand the function of myofascial continuities.
  3. Discover how posture and/or repetitive movement patterns can remodel fascia.
  4. Learn what happens when the lines are not functioning optimally and how may this effect movement quality.
  5. Discover experimental exercises to explore Arm Lines and observe movement quality and restrictions.
  6. Experience an Arm Line Workout using a Flex-Band.

Equipment used in the workshop

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