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Workshop details

Difficulty Essential
Duration 2 hours


REPs 2.0
REPs independently endorsed education

This workshop, developed by the Merrithew™ team, shares the tools and information needed to enhance one-on-one Reformer training. Learn what is involved in cueing and correcting effectively in order to motivate clients to achieve optimal performance. Discover the importance of observation skills in determining when modifications need to be made and what exercises are most beneficial. Explore how to modify exercises using resistance, equipment set up, starting position, range of motion, preparations, and varying dynamics to make them appropriate for all clients.

Learning objectives

  1. Explore modifications and exercise choices for individual clients.
  2. Focus on cueing and correcting skills specific to personal training based on the Five Basic Principles of STOTT PILATES®.
  3. Understand how to adjust equipment for each client’s needs.
  4. Discover how to modify for effectiveness for specific individuals.

Equipment used in the workshop

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