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Intermediate Stability Chair Workout

Workshop details

Difficulty Intermediate
Duration 2 hours


REPs 2.0
REPs independently endorsed education

The Stability Chair provides the most functionality with the smallest foot print. In this workshop, created by the programming experts at Merrithew™, learn how to combine the Intermediate Chair repertoire in a fluid workout that targets core stability, mobility and peripheral strength. See how the exercises can be strung together in a way that takes full advantage of positioning and spring tensions and minimizes stops and starts. Discover how this program can be easily applied in a one-on-one or small group setting.

Learning objectives

  1. Apply the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles to a complete Intermediate Stability Chair workout.
  2. Understand movement essence and exercise goals.
  3. Understand how the Intermediate level exercises have been combined in a thoughtful full-body workout.
  4. Learn cues and corrections for safety and effectiveness.

Equipment used in the workshop

Essential & Intermediate Stability Chair™

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